About Arcovox Systems

Arcovox Systems is a company founded in 2003 and dedicated to development, maintenance, and repair of customer specific hardware, firmware, and PC software.

We started with development and maintenance of interactive telephone voice systems, and also various other systems like emergency callcentre hard and software, P.A. systems for emergency evacuation,...

We also developed customer specific equipment for a broad range of applications.  (for railroad, hospital, bellfoundry, construction companies, ...)

Info: website @ arcovox.com                    Tel: +31 (0) 478 579611

Overview of our activities:

  • Designing of equipment
  • Drawing of schematics and circuit boards
  • Manufacturing of 'null' series and prototypes
  • Manufacturing of small series of equipment design
  • Repair of existing equipment  (we also do vintage equipment repair)
  • Re-designing of existing equipment
  • Enhancing or upgrading existing equipment
  • Firmware development for new or existing equipment
  • Computer software for Windows/DOS based computer systems

Some of the projects we have realized:

  • Telephone alarm diallers
  • Vandal resistant intercoms for analog lines and dedicated telephone exchanges
  • Emergency P.A. sytems
  • GSM and GSMrail modems and interfaces
  • Automated medicin dispensers withwifi/gsm for end users
  • Telephone line switches
  • Heavy-duty telephones
  • Wireless personal alarm systems
  • Telephone call diverters
  • Hotline dialers
  • Automatic test equipment for remote intercoms
  • Voice response system for information of waterlevels in all major rivers
  • Access and remote control of gate barriers